Interdisciplinary / Multidisciplinary

Anna Melissa Calubayan is a visual artist working in a number of mediums; primarily film and video, analogue and digital illustration, printmaking and textile design. She often utilizes abstract and organic shapes and imagery to convey messages and further ground these details into something tangible. Focusing heavily on blending traditional elements taken from her studies with new means of representing concepts through film and digital methods, she specializes in pre-production and pre-visualization processes. Form, value, and tonality are balanced to create certain transparencies in the work that emphasize the idea that, whether a traditional or multimedia medium is used, all are merely reflections of personal experiences or treasured stories of those that came before.

She strives to create work which pulls from her filipino heritage and first-generation upbringing, but more importantly her experiences and observation of the human condition and how this has affected her ability to perceive the world around her and other people.


Calubayan currently works and resides in Los Angeles.


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